Thursday, February 16, 2006

Update and Open thread

Democracy Now! and FSTV.

I don't know where FSTV originates but I suspect it must be on the West Coast somewhere because I gota call from our contact person, Than, telling me that, sadly, FSTV could not accept the changes to the agreement made by the Marshfield Cable Access Committee. We discussed it for some time and it occurred to me that we weren't talking about the same agreement. When I finally asked him if he received my FAX of the new contract, he seemed puzzled and took a minute to look through the "pile on his desk" and found the new agreement....He apologized for not getting back to me and said he would have to take the new agreement to his boss for approval....maybe another two sounds like we have one more phrase to parse and define before it will be final but maybe....just maybe this nightmare is coming to an end and we will FINALLY get Democracy Now! on the Marshfield Cable system.

Jenny Dolan got Democracy Now! on the Wisconsin Rapids system with great ease. I wish it could have gone as easily here....

Hope to see everybody tomorrow permitting...

feel free to post whatever comments you feel like posting...the thread is OPEN

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