Thursday, February 09, 2006

It's been one of "THOSE" days.....

When I was a Community Development Planner, my boss put a poster on the cork board that went something like this:

It is the responsibility of every professional member of this staff to be completely prepared for any contingency, and, when faced with unanticipated events, to address and solve them swiftly and completely. That is our mission.


When you're up to your ass in ALLIGATORS, it's hard to remind yourself that your initial objective was TO DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Today, the alligators won......

News Items for the day....

Maury Waas of Washington Post reports that Libby testified under oath that Cheney authorized him to leak classified information to the reporters from Time and our old friend Judy Miller of the New York Times.

More reports linking Reid to Abramoff, but sketchy at best.
And...the pres gave a speech in California where he said that the spying kept the "shoebomber" from hijacking a plane and flying it into the "Liberty Building in LA" President, that's the LIBRARY BUILDING in Los Angeles....he's getting a lot of headlines on it but a fellow blogger gave a pretty good rebuttle here:
what it should be ... pass this on to Dean!)

It is good to hear that this plot was stopped by our allies, but this does not address the issue of illegal wiretapping of American citizens. There is no evidence that President Bush's illegal wiretapping had anything to do with this incident. There is no evidence that proper FISA procedures could or could not have been used to capture these individuals. I do no think it is proper for President Bush to discuss operational details regarding this incident, or to imply that his illegal wiretapping had anything to do with this incident, as that would, in fact, give our enemies vital information. The last thing we want is for these criminals to escape prosecution by having their case dismissed because the evidence used to arrest them was obtained by an illegal wiretap.'s another alligator...see you later..

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