Sunday, February 12, 2006

Americans really DON'T want Civil Liberties Suspended

If you've been watching the news for the past couple of weeks you have no doubt seen the Republican spinmeisters talking about the "polls" that support the pResident (yeah, I know that's a little snarky)in the Domestic Surviellance program. Well, it does have to do with how you ask the question. One of the "polls" I saw asked simply "Do you support the President's program to wiretap terrorists?" Well DUH!!!

Apparently the American Bar Association wanted to know the answer to a more precise question, like this:

The American Bar Association, via Harris Interactive, conducted a poll this week, surveying 1,000 respondents by asking a perfectly framed question: Can the president suspend constitutional freedoms "anytime the President thinks it is necessary to protect the country"? A staggering 77% answered with a resounding NO.

Thanks to Dailykos for the link....

Dave Wille sent out the agenda for Thurdsay Night's meeting. It's at 6:30 (as usual) at the Pittsville Legion Hall (as usual).

Aside from these things, the Sunday Morning talk shows were their usual scream provoking fare. One exception: Late Edition (which I watched quite by accident) had Joe Lieberman and Chuck Hagel on at the same time discussing Iran and least the part I was absolutely Alice Through the Looking Glass time because I could have sworn Hagel was the Democrat and Joe was the Republican.....

Did anybody see "Brownie's " Testimony on Friday? I hear he rated out the whole Bush administration...they knew about the levee breaks at least 12 hours earlier than they said they did...FEMA had been gutted and was unable to do its job....Chertoff isn't interested in National Disasters, just terrorism....ouch....that's gotta leave a scar!


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LoLo said...

Yes, I watched the entire "Brownie" performance on C Span. Chertoff's name was indeed "mud" and it is clear that no love was lost between FEMA and the DHS. At times, I even had to admire Brown's apparent candor, although I kept thinking that instead of sending rather noncommittal emails that might not have been read, he might have been better off to have swallowed his pride and actually called the agency that he clearly despises. I noticed that the Air America people were quite critical of his testimony in which he again appeared to blame everyone else except himself, and they emphasized that he needed to phone someone at the top (read the President here) and scream to get his attention. I did wholeheartedly agree with Brown, though, that all the emphasis lately has been on terrorism at the expense of natural disasters. Like he pointed out, if a terrorist had bombed a levee in the New Orleans area, EVERYONE would have raced to the scene.