Sunday, February 05, 2006

Say it ain't so.....


This is an actual picture of the sign for the campaign headquarters of Congressman Bob Ney, (R-Ohio)...yes THE BOB NEY of Abramoff fame.....It seems he opened a campaign headquarters office in a strip mall next to....well...a picture is worth a 1000 words. Considering that indictments are pending, the choice is "unfortunate".

In other news:

Congressman Bernie Sanders collapsed at a funeral in Maine today...hope he's okay....

Gonzales "leaked" the essence of his testimony on the NSA spying....he's attacking the media and any opponents ....surprise, surprise....

Superbowl coming on in a while.....not sure I'm going to watch even though I've been an admirer of Bill Cowar (spelling?) for years...As near as I can tell, he's one of the good guys....

Rumors are that there will be a "blogger meet-up" at the 7th CD convention. Nice to put faces on the posts....anybody who blogs/posts/comments here is more than welcome.

on edit:

I've been following the Channel 4 story out of Great Britain about Bush and Blair's schemes to go into Iraq with or without UN approval and even Bush's half-baked plan to paint an airplane in UN colors and bait Saddam into shooting at it in order to provoke a conflict.

Some bloggers are excited about this story butI'm not because it originates in another one of those memos that can't be viewed by the public because of the "Official Secrets Act". In my mind, if the memo can't be publicly scrutinized, it's worthless. I don't doubt that it's there, but consider it "unhelpful in documenting Bush and Blair's crimes in lying us into war. Thoughts

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LoLo said...

The Cash Land sign next to Ney's campaign office reminds me of all those funny signs people used to send to one of my favorite (but no longer published) magazines, National Lampoon!

Thanks for news about the upcoming CD Convention.