Saturday, February 04, 2006

Feingold's reaction to SOTU

I had seen the headlines about Russ's comments but didn't realize how tough Russ got on Dubya until I read it on Wow! He has really taken off the "kid gloves"!


  • This administration reacts to any questions about spying on American citizens by saying that those of us who stand up for our rights and freedoms are somehow living in a "pre-September 11th, 2001 world."

    In fact, the President is living in a pre-1776 world.

    Our Founders lived in dangerous times, and they risked everything for freedom. Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death." The President's pre-1776 mentality is hurting America and fracturing the foundation on which our country has stood for 230 years. The President can't just bypass two branches of government, and obey only those laws he wants to obey. Deciding unilaterally which of our freedoms still apply in the fight against terrorism is unacceptable and needs to be stopped immediately.

    Now we all know that Russ is eyeing a run for the Democratic Nomination for the restate it may seem like I'm having a "duhhhh" his comments might easily be dismissed as campaign hype. But even if it is, it's a direct contradiction of the "conventional wisdom" to play it safe, play it in the middle, be moderate in running for National office.

    No, I don't think this is campaign rhetoric. I think Bush and his extremist policies have finally driven Russ to get tough..

    Good on him!

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