Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Holy Crap! It's a SNEAK ATTACK!!!!

Bush HIDES SOCIAL SECURITY Privatization in Budget.
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Holy Crap!

Didn't anybody catch this?

In my opinion, this is BIG, BIG BIG STUFF!

even more important than the elimination of the SS Death Benefit.


But anyone who thought that Bush would wait for bipartisanship to deal with Social Security was wrong. Instead, he stuck his own privatization proposals into his proposed budget.

"The Democrats were laughing all the way to the funeral of Social Security modernization," White House spokesman Trent Duffy told me in an interview Tuesday, but "the president still cares deeply about this. " Duffy asserted that Bush would have been remiss not to include in the budget the cost of something that he feels so strongly about, and he seemed surprised at my surprise that Social Security privatization had been written into the budget without any advance fanfare.



Spoiled rotten man-child....WILL HAVE HIS WAY!

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LoLo said...

Yes, I did happen to catch the recycling of the SS plan. Of course, Arctic drilling is included AGAIN, as well. l really enjoyed your coverage of Coreta King's funeral, the tribute as well as the coverage on political spin.