Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blogging my brains out...

What a rare Sunday for me.

The "food nazi" is gone for the day. My "honey-do" list is done. I don't have any insurance or city council reading to do....soooooo I can blog my brains out.

I switched back and forth between Meet the Press and This Week before I had to leave the house this morning. I wondered if anybody got the same impressions as I did. Apparently so.

Here's a nice clip from via Wolcott concerning this morning's edition of Meet the Press.

And I think our reader Prairie Sunshine cuts nicely through the crap:
Watching MTP in Real Time and have these observations: Matalin's spinning so hard she's about to explode."the frequency of such accidents..." BULLSHIT. Hunting accidents are noteworthy for their INFREQUENCY.Gregory apologizes for telling Scott McClellan he was being a jerk [off camera] when McClellan was--HELLO...--being a jerk.In the Real World, it is about the average American says Matalin. Well, Mary Matalin DOES NOT SPEAK for me. I've hunted, and this south Texas Republican BWANA hunting is not real hunting. And the shooting, the coverup and the blame the vic, blame the press [who are the only ones with a modicum of opportunity to serve as my proxy in getting information out of this WH] tactics should have the bright light of day shown on them until all questions are answered.

Then, of course there was that "charming moment" on This Week, where the intellectual giant, George Will asked Katrina Van den Hueval, the question we've all been waiting to hear. "Do you still have a Kerry-Edwards sticker on your car?" He then postulated that if she did then she must be ANGRY!

Angry? OK....I get it. If you're against George W. Bush then you must be an ANGRY, IRRATIONAL individual. See? That's what's wrong with Democrats. They have an IRRATIONAL dislike of George W. Bush. Way to go George very....ummmmmmm....Ken Mehlmen of you! Yes, Ken Mehlmen the Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) just happened to try out this theme earlier in the week by classifying Hillary Clinton as ANGRY. Damn....the RNC must have burned up a dozen fax machines to get that one out.

Oh yes, Meet the Press also had NBC White House Correspondent, David Gregory on the show. He apologized for calling Presidental Press Secretary Scott McClelland a jerk off-camera, when Snotty Scotty was, indeed being a.....ummmmm....jerk. (Apologies to Jane Hamser...the wording is identical to hers but it's sooooo appropriate) But otherwise he did quite well. You can see a video clip from Crooks and Liars at this link.

By the way, feel free to jump in to the COMMENTS section any time and put your $.02 into the mix. It would be a great way for us to keep in contact.

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Anonymous said...

I agree Ed. I flipped back and forth as well. I always do. Mary MAtlin was almost sneering. and poor Katrina vH. (she was on WiPublic Radio this am-no sub teacher calls) van H. from the NAtion tried so hard to get a word in.
This whole Cheney thing is so sad it is funny. As I said last week on WPR, it is obvious that Cheney has never had a hunter safety class.
Sarah F.

Ed said...

Hi Sarah!

Glad you posted! Feel free to jump in ANY time...


LoLo said...

Hi, Sarah,

Thanks for reading the blog and for adding your thoughts. I am a regular (several times a day) reader. I learn something every day on this site, and the blogging itself is fun.