Saturday, February 18, 2006

One Last Evening Post

I just stumbled across this on a link from our old buddy Dailykos...

It concerns Ralph Reed who is currently being from running for Lt Gov. of Georgia..You may remember the name. He was the founder (with the sponsorship of Pat Robertson) of the Christian Coalition and was responsible for getting lots of Republicans elected. After the Coalition, he worked for the Bush Campaign and after that, a lobbying group associated with his college Young Republican buddy, Jack Abramoff.

I've been following Reed's career for a lot of years. He's frightening. Apparently others are just as leary of him....for your pleasure:


LoLo said...


I just read "The Book of Ralph" and this cartoon is priceless!

Nice job blogging the Maher show, Ed. Lolo, lacking wireless, laptap, or stamina, fell asleep directly after the show!

I do want to share a couple of my favorite lines, though. Ed Griffin's response to Bryan Gumbel's Winter Olympics remarks: Of course you don't see us (blacks) at the Winter Olympics. We hate the cold. We're good at RUNNING--been doin' it for centuries!

My other big favorite was Bill's monologue at the end where the main message was that Americans lost their desire for privacy a long time ago. If they had any sense of privacy, they wouldn't talk on their cellphones in the line at Starbucks! Nowadays, it's call me, read my memoir, (and if that's too dull, make stuff up), read my BLOG!

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