Monday, February 06, 2006

Don't mess with Russ!

Just broke one of my own work rules and went downstairs and turned on the TV to watch Russ Feingold take his turn at questioning Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Actually I think this was the second round for Russ and he pretty much tore Gonzales up the first time too. Russ has been very tough on Gonzales today but then again, so has Senator Durbin of Illinois, Senator Leahy of Vermont, Charles (Chuck ) Schumer of New York, and even Feinstein of California. Wow! The Democrats are showing some spine even though the Chairman of the Committee, Sen Spectre of Pennsylvania has used the power of the Chair and the majority to thwart almost anything the Dems wanted to do. ... that included REFUSING TO PUT GONZALES UNDER OATH before the committee.

The most amusing aspect to observe is that everytime a Democratic Senator scores a few points, the next Republican Senator has to come along and do damage control. I swear, I haven't seen people "beg the question" so badly since I watched my son's 5th grade science fair....cheeeezzzz....

What is becoming obvious though...from the Attorney General's bobbing and weaving... is that the administrations has, more than likely, listened in on innocent Americans, entered homes without warrants, and opened first class mail without warrants....

I never thought I'd see the day when we would even be discussing this kind of thing in the United States.

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