Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Democratic Office -Holders Revolt against unruly Voters


This is too funny! But it's also scary at the same time. Take a few minutes to read the whole article because it puts the dilema we find ourselves in today in a different perspective.

"The first mission of any institution is SURVIVAL". That is the mantra of the elected official. We've heard the argument a hundred times, "I've got to vote with the majority on this issue because if I don't, I won't be around to vote on other issues." Having been an elected official before, I can understand what they're talking about. I've been in the position of facing a meeting room packed with people who were "looking for a tall tree and a short rope". But I gess I'm not like other people because more than once in my life I've walked away from a job over a matter of principle and stood for principles against the will of the majority even when it cost me votes.

My old boss, and first political mentor, was the one who first offered me the bromide, "Son, the only thing you'll find in the middle of the road is yellow stripes and dead skunks." (Jim Hightower put a Texas flavor on it in his book of the same name except "skunk" was replaced with "armadillos".) Obviously this is in direct conflict with the "mission statement" above and seems to present and insoluble problem for the elected official. I think it's a different problem.

I think it has to do with leadership.

Read the article and comments.


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