Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Open Thread

Hi folks...hope everybody dug out from the snow...the Marshfield News-Herald says we got between 10-14" of snow...I believe it. The good news was that the temperature dropped so fast that the snow was pretty powdery so the snow blower worked fine. The bad news was that the temperature dropped so fast...

I did the cleanup from drifting this it was cold!!

Don't forget to watch Bill Maher tonight...Russ Feingold is going to be on... 10 O'clock our time. HBO I think...

Some fun links...

First, the Keyboard Commandos

Ann Coulter gets busted:

Harry Apologized TO CHENEY?

And here, I'm going to copy and paste the text instead of giving the link to Blogslut....after all, she does write for a pornography industry newsletter so the site is a little just the quotes, okay?

While I'm sure Mr. Cheney never intended to shoot Harry Whttington,
I don't believe the "victim covered by shooter who was swinging on game"
explanation. I think the real story is stupider than that. My guess? Cheney
dropped his gun and it went off.

Yes, I know. It's just a hunting accident. It's not like Dick Cheney got a blowjob. It's a non-story story with a non-apology apology response from the Vice President.

The real story is Dick Cheney's disregard for the responsibilities of his job as a public servant. Dick Cheney doesn't care for the press. Tough xxxx . If he didn't want the press
around, then he shouldn't have chosen himself for the position. Dick Cheney
works for us. He's our bitch. Not the other way around. It's about damned time
we remember that.

Nice rant huh?

Ready! Aim! Comment!

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