Friday, February 24, 2006

The Beast MUST be fed!

On another forum, a Central Wisconsin member posted information about Dave Obey's opponents from the Republican Party (there's also a "GREEN" running but I'll just concentrate on the Republicans here). Each of the Republican Candidates has a website and I browsed each one of them. I won't post links (you can email me if you're really machochistic enough to go to those sites) and I won't mention the candidates by name in order to deny them of any additional "google hits". But on one of the sites, I found this little gem:

"My opponent just voted for a bill that protects the gun-making industry from frivolous lawsuits. There were just two problems with this bill. The first is that it requires the sale of a trigger lock with each gun. We are now just one small step away from the mandatory purchase of trigger locks for all guns. The second is that it does NOT protect a gun owner from a lawsuit stemming from his stolen gun being used in a crime.

I would not have voted for this bad bill and, once in Congress, I will fight diligently to repeal the trigger lock provision and protect gun owners no matter if their gun was “locked” or not. We do not need gun control in the U.S.A. "(emphasis his)

Okay, I admit it. A Republican against even the MILDEST form of gun safety isn't exactly front page news. But notice how he started off his tirade.

"My opponent just voted for a bill that protects the gun-making industry from frivolous lawsuits. "

"My opponent" is obviously Dave Obey. We all know that Dave is a Second Amendment advocate and frequently votes with the NRA but look at what it gets him. He is going to be targeted as a "gun control" liberal by the Republicans anyway. It doesn't matter if he votes with the NRA. They're going after him as if he was the most rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, take-their-guns-away-and-give-them-to-the-criminals- liberal there ever was.

The point is this: there is no appeasment of the right wing. Not on gun control. Not on anything. No matter how hard you try, the BEAST MUST BE FED and the opposition will use lies, smears, distortion and slander to feed the beast.

I'm not terribly worried about Dave in this next election. He's certainly a fighter and knows how to take care of himself in a political street brawl. If he needs a loyal precinct worker, I'll be here to help.

But all our office holders are not Dave Obey quality. (at least not yet) So maybe they'll learn something.

In other news:


I smell a "bait and switch" coming on the Port Deal...the UAE said they would delay implementation of the Ports Deal until President Bush could calm the fears of Congress. However, they will sign the contract next week. We're probably going to see a massive PR campaign in the next two weeks and it should be interesting. The White House still hasn't developed a coherent message.

Why did the New York Times scrub their headline about Iraq descending into Civil War? Here's the scoop:


President Arroyo of the Phillipines declares a state of emergency because of coup attempt.


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