Thursday, February 16, 2006

Guess Why Tonight's Meeting is Cancelled!

Yep, that's right. S. N. O. W.

It's been a relatively dry winter so in some circles, (ahem...Dave Wille) the snow is quite welcome.

If you're out on the roads today, be careful, Especially those good Democrats in Southern Wood County where the brunt of the snowfall is expected.

Take care, and blog about anything you wish by pressing "comments".


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S.Free said...

We loved the snow. We live along the snowmoble trails and were thrilled when the groomer came through. We had sleds going by at midnight. My son loves to snowboard and I want him to use his BD gift as often as possible. (pass to Bruce Mound)
Lots going on. Did you hear that HAcket is not running for Senate in Ohio? I thought he would be great. A Iraq vet whoa almost upset that Nazi woman for Congress last fall. I read a nice article about him lately in Mother Jones.