Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday Morning Open Thread

Sorry, but this picture makes me think of the movie line:
I'll get you...and your little dog too!
Wizard of Oz

Hi everybody.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Need to catch up on a couple of things:

First don't forget the Health Care Roundtable this afternoon at the UW Center, Marshfield. It's from 4:30PM until 6:00PM.

Second, I've realized that I'm sort of hogging all the bandwidth here so I've reactivated my own blog and you're free to visit and argue with me whenever you feel like's the "linky-thing".

If you have the time, drop in at TBOGG and pick up on the antics of the 101st Fighting Keyboardists. (They brave carpal tunnel for Dubya)

Maybe more tonight ...If I can get to the forum, I'll blog it for you...

1 comment:

Ed said...

Just can't pass up another smart-ass caption:

Here's some flowers, and I'm sorry the house fell on your sister.