Thursday, February 16, 2006

Let's discuss this

Our good ally over at The Last Chance Democracy Cafe, has a few thoughts for our Democratic office holders.


And where was the loyal opposition through these and all of the other outrages? Speaking as a lifelong Democrat, I have to tell you there were times during the last few years when I actually wondered whether my party’s representatives in Congress had been assimilated by the Borg. You know, those alien invaders in the Star Trek series who use cybernetic implants to control people, destroying their individuality and causing them to chant over and over again, “Resistance is futile! Resistance is futile!” Kind of fits, doesn’t it? Now, in fairness, here recently congressional Democrats have actually started showing signs of life — not as much as might be wished, but enough perhaps to justify sending the mortician home for the night.

But my God, what took them so long? I mean, how many times did Bush &Have have to hit them below the belt before they finally figured out these guys don’t play fair. This isn’t rocket science. Ask any school kid. There’s no compromising with a bully. They won’t meet you half way. They won’t make nice to you because you make nice to them. You can’t reason with them. When faced with a bully, eventually you come down to one of two choices — stand your ground or reconcile yourself to getting your face rubbed in the snow. It’s that simple.

This episode deals with a "bully" in The Last Chance Democracy Cafe. Like always it's a great read for a snowy day...or any day for that matter.

Stephen C. Day is fast becoming a hero of the progressive side of the aisle.



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Ed said...

What a crappy day....

Feingold gets shot down trying to stop the renewal of the Patriot Act.... 97-3

Senator Pat Robertson (R. Kansas) cuts a deal with the White House to make Bush's domestic spying program legal RETROACTIVELY and mandates that there will be No Investigation ! (Surprise, Biden is "outraged")

And, oh yeah....Bush's foreign investment board signs over security of SIX OF OUR LARGEST PORTS to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Oh, did I mention that UAE has ties to financing the terrorists who actually DID the 9/11 raid?

beside that, it's snowing...still.