Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday Open Thread

Hi everybody. I've been tied up for two days so I haven't had much time to post.

Just a few quick notes:

Did anybody see the State of the Union speech on Tuesday night? I have to admit I couldn't stand to watch so I followed along on Air America Radio with Sam Seder...the running commentary and jokes actually made it worthwhile.

News today that Republicans elected a new majority leader...after screwing up the first ballot and taking a "mulligan" on the vote. How incredibly ironic. When the dust settled, they elected Congressman Boehner (pronounced BAH-ner...not like it's spelled hehehehehehehehe) in an upset over Delay's hand-picked successor.

I just got off the phone with my favorite stock broker. I asked, "Should I stick my head in the oven?" He replied, "No, but open the door".

I got an email from the Chairperson of the City's Cable TV committee with new wording in the agreement with FSTV (Free Speech TV) and the airing of Democracy Now!. It's much better in the sense that it spells out that they will only preempt the program if it fails to meet standards for PUBLIC PROGRAMMING. Believe me, it's loose enough where I'm not too worried anymore. This is much better than the language that allowed preemption for any reason at any time with no recourse or appeal.

Feel free to jump in....

Any events happening that we should know about?



LoLo said...

I watched the last half of the State of the Union speech, after attending a Feingold Steering Committee meeting in Spencer. The meeting proved to be my personal favorite of the evening! The big news at the Feingold meeting was that Russ is questioning Gonzales as to why he pretended to know nothing at all about the NASA snooping without FISA approval last year at his confirmation hearings. Feingold asked him a pointed question dealing with the wiretap issue and presidential powers relating to it, and Gonzales called it a purely "hypothetical" case! The Washington Post carried this story and all of us at the meeting received a copy of the article.

The other big news today besides the selection of Boner (er, excuse me, Boehner!) would be the huge budget cuts bill which awaits Bush's signature. Naturally, it involves more cuts for Medicaid and for students. Oh, yes, several administration emails having to do with the Fitzgerald leaks investigation have gone missing! What a surprise!

Ed said...


Isn't one of the dictionary definitions of "boner" as

" embarrassing mistake...

LOL.....who says IRONY is dead???