Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This, that and a few other things.....

First Nancy Greggs has a Democratic Underground guest editorial...

"We beg your Pardon:
a couple of snippets:

As I watched Harry Whittington speak last week, I was struck by his heartfelt apology to Dick Cheney and the Cheney family for the trouble he had caused by so thoughtlessly being severely injured. You see, I was raised in a time, apparently now long gone, when victims were on the receiving end of an apology - especially in those rare instances when they had been on the receiving end of a face full of birdshot.


We, the parents who have had children killed or wounded in Iraq, beg forgiveness for their foolish inability to avoid meandering into the line of fire, and our own infantile whining about the lack of body armour necessary to keep them safe as they fight for this Noble Cause. We also sincerely apologize for continuing to ask exactly what that Noble Cause might be, and why the justifications for its pursuit constantly change. Most importantly, we are sorry for the financial burden we have placed on all of you by way of medical treatment for our erstwhile offspring, as well as the cost of shipping their remains back to us for burial.


We, the victims of Katrina, who have lost our homes, our jobs, and our family members, humbly beg your pardon for expecting aid when we needed it most. In the aftermath, we realize how selfish we were to ask for assistance at a time when those in charge had other priorities to consider. We are truly sorry that we interrupted dinner arrangements, shopping sprees, Broadway show attendances and vacation plans. As for the dollar value of those FEMA trailers that have been left to rust in Arkansas, if we are ever fortunate enough to have a home address again, I think it's only fair that you mail us the bill.

The absurdity of the "apology to Cheney" was almost more than I could take, I'm glad Nancy was able to find some humor in it.

Jennifer Dolans has announced the launch of She emailed a lot of us to announce it and sort of apologized for the "humble" beginnings, but hey, Jenny, from tiny acorns grow mighty Oaks....good luck Jenny, we're all behind you.

Any Wisconsin Rapids people want to comment on the primary for Mayor yesterday? I wrongly reported that there were three candidates while there were actually four...guess I'll have to read the Rapids Tribune more closely. Sounds like the race is going to be ....ummmmmm.....interesting. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts.

Here's something to ponder: Former Presidnet Jimmy Carter came out with a statement IN SUPPORT of the Dubai port deal. The world has truly turned upside down.

Concerning the port deal, Bush is now claiming he didn't know about it. Is that his "exit strategy" from this mess? (Or is that stratergery?)

Then, there is this confusing headline from Rawstory: Democrat: White House chief of staff nixed NSA wiretap briefing RAW STORY

So apparently the "deal" to keep hearings on the illegal wiretapping from happening between the White House and their Senatorial Waterboy, Pat Roberts of Kansas has been violated. The deal was, as Roberts explained it on Friday, that there would be additional and in-depth briefings of Congress and introduction of new legislation in leiu of hearings. Trust these guys? Never!

Add comments at will...enjoy..

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