Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Six Ports in the Storm

Wow! What an exciting news day this has been! Democrats and Republicans falling all over each other to unite against allowing 6 American ports to be controlled by Dubai Ports World. Bush then immediately defying them all by promising to veto any legislation against this company's new role. Since I couldn't name any other bill that the President had ever vetoed, and also since I was puzzled by the vehemence of his stance, I turned to Daily Kos. Someone had already done my homework. On the Dubai company's site, it was disclosed that Dave Sanborn, who has been working for this same outfit, has recently been nominated by the President to be Maritime Administrator, a position which is quite top-drawer, and in which he would report personally to Minetta, head of the Transportation Dept. I then processed this information along with a passing reference which CNN mentioned today about Sanborn's nomination possibly being in jeopardy now that Congress is opposed to the Middle Eastern company's taking charge of our ports and decided that perhaps the President's fear that his nomination might not go through was driving his hostile stance. At any rate, it was a pleasure watching Lou Dobbs and Jack Cafferty spew indignation over this whole issue!


Ed said...

Good post!

You got all the information in about this incredibly stupid situation.

I cannot believe Bush* is stupid enough to veto this. More and more he is acting like a spoiled child and if he digs his heals in on this, then I suspect that it will be because he thinks KKKarl Rove will be able to bully, blackmail and bribe his way to another Bush* victory.

By the way...did you catch that John Snow, recently departed Treasury Secretary was up to his buns in the transaction to sell this company to UAE? Cronyism at its finest!

From one of the more "radical" discussion boards I am picking up information that even Bush*'s move rabid (and I use that term deliberately) supporters are absolutely furious about this move. They've swallowed far too much terror, terror, terror kool-aid to allow a questionable government to run six of our biggest ports....


love your headline!!!


LoLo said...

Yes, Snow's name came up along with several other "trusted" cabinet dealers. Bill Frist was the one who really surprised me. Stay tuned for what promises to be a most interesting fight on this port issue.

S.Free said...

What does W. expect? He has been telling us to "Be afraid, be very afraid" of everyone that might look, hear, or even smell Middle Eastern or Muslim. Now we are supposed to "trust" him on this one? My gosh, he didn't even know about the deal until a few hours before I did!!!!!