Saturday, March 25, 2006

Wow...they finally get it...

By now, most of you know that a man in Afghanistan has been sentenced to death....for the crime of converting to CHRISTIANITY! Here's the NY Times story. This may or may not actually come to pass but it has had a completely unexpected consequence, and one that may boggle the mind of everybody inhabiting the inhabiting the village known to some (actually coined by The Rude Pundit) as Left Blogospheria.

What is this earth-shattering event?

Well, one of the groups that we have always considered one of our mortal, political enemies, The Family Research Council through it's President, Tony Perkins has finally realized that by this henious action, Afghanistan has proven that it's not a "liberal, Christian Democracy" and that human rights there are no better now than they were under the Taliban. And just guess who they think has been selling them (and us) a "bill of goods" about spreading democracy? Why George W. Bush! The link above gives the text of his press release and letter to Bush.

For the moment at least, there is common ground between this far right wing, christian organization and the progressive left. Now would be a good time to literally reach out across the divide and embrace our old nemisis to relieve ourselves of a common enemy: the present occupant of the White House.

But who is it that can represent us?

Who can take the lead in consolidating this incredible opportunity?

The other side finally gets it.

Now I hope ours does.


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S.Free said...

Ah, a curious world we have. I can't wait for the entire nation to see how close the taliban is to our own 'unchristian" far-right. Or as I like to call them -The American Taliban.