Wednesday, March 15, 2006

If it's Thursday it must be winter.....

Those pretty pink and blue colors mean
The weather outlook for tomorrow night isn't looking too good....Winter Storm watches for the west of us and "snow advisory" for our area. NWS/NOAA forecast here

Anybody needing a ride from Marshfield let me know.....
Are You Outraged Yet?

As of this afternoon, on dear, old, loyal Tom Harkin of Iowa has signed on to stand up with Russ Feingold. I don't understand this: Bush's approval rating is a measley 33% so just what are the Congressional Democrats afraid of?

I've emailed Reid.

I had a chat (coughrantcough) with Sen. Kohl's aide this morning face-to-face. I think I ruined her breakfast because I brought up two subjects.

I've signed two petitions and emailed our DNC rep and Howard Dean's staff.

I don't know what else I can do but I feel like I've got to do something. I haven't heard a progressive/liberal radio host, blogger or columnist who is against Russ's resolution...not one...every Democrat I've talked to is supporting Russ's effort. So why aren't these guys in Washington listening? Why aren't they falling all over themselves to support Russ?

I did have one encouraging thought though....remember what happened last summer? Out of the blue came Cindy Sheehan announcing that she was going to Crawford, Texas to ask President Bush "what noble cause did her son die for?"

One woman.

On her own.

Without Party Sanction or Support.


The entire anti-war movement found a voice because of Cindy. And the strength of that voice called elected Democrats to join the cause. Maybe. Just maybe, Russ's courage will start another movement. I get a feeling that we're on the verge of seeing history made right before our eyes.

What do you think?

Candidates Forum

I went to the BGA (Better Government Association) breakfast and Candidate's forum this morning to hear the candidates for County Board, City Council and Mayor from Marshfield and the surrounding districts. I doubt seriously that any of the North County/South County rivalry will end any time soon no matter who gets elected. I did, however, find some support for a Justice Center located in PITTSVILLE from some candidates. Could be interesting if money weren't an issue.

Got to see Amy Sue there.....hope to see her tomorrow night....if the good lord's willing and the creeks don't rise....or snow isn't too deep.

As always comments are welcome...encouraged....

Anybody interested in setting up a "net meeting" on the blog? I'll talk about it tomorrow night.


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