Thursday, March 16, 2006

Just a quick post:

First, I think I got a little "carried away" here....(funny what frustrations can do eh?)

Second, here is the Resolution for tomorrow night: (thanks to LoLo)

WHEREAS President George W. Bush has approved domestic wiretaps on American citizens without seeking a legally required court order, and

WHEREAS he has misled the public prior to public disclosure of the National Security Agency surveillance program by indicating that his administration was relying on court orders to wiretap suspected terrorists inside the United States, and

WHEREAS Senator Russ Feingold has introduced a resolution to censure this unlawful action by the President,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the membership of the Wood County Democratic Party supports the Senate Feingold Resolution.

Thanks the imortal words of "Andy of Mayberry", You done goooooddddd.



LoLo said...

Thanks, Ed, for posting my humble attempt at formulating a resolution and for placing it in a correct format for blogging eyes to behold--a skill which I do not as yet possess! btw: I just caught a peek at your own resolution which I like better (probably because I have never written one before!) You should post it!

S.Free said...

I agree, you are to be admired.