Thursday, March 23, 2006

Did You Notice?

I can't imagine that there are many in our group/circle who missed Russ Feingold's appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night.

Russ did very well in keeping serious while adding just a touch of humor to the conversation. He spoke seriously about breaking of laws by the President and also about the fact that the Democratic establishment seemed almost fearful to join him in holding the President accountable.

Jon Stewart was his normal, brilliant self and even got in a plug at the end for his favorite topic, campaign finance reform.

But this doesn't begin to capture the essence of the show.

Not by a long shot.

What made the show so "electric" was that the audience was going wild for Feingold. They cheered him on in a raucous celebration. They hungrily devoured every word he said.

Jane Hamser put it this way:

The audience at the Daily Show was effusive; you could hear the the ardor he inspired. Feingold was funny without being glib and he came across as self-effacing, principled, and just awkward enough with the format to be thoroughly charming. And his message set the crowd to cheering.

I got the distinct impression that if Russ had told the audience that he was going to "storm the bastille", they would have followed him en masse to the pull down the gates.

The Democratic Party leadership had better take note of what happened last night. They can now either jump on the band wagon or stand by timidly while Russ Feingold marches off triumphantly with the support of true, honest, hard-working Democrats who have hungered for leadership for five long years. They will be relegated to the dustbin of history if they don't embrace what Feingold is doing.

The saddest irony of the lack of support for Feingold is this single, terrible truth: George Bush enjoys (or used to) enjoy support from proverbial "middle America" because it was said that they admired his ability to take a stand and stick with it. Can we ever gain the support of Middle America if we refuse to take a stand? Or worse yet, if we don't "stand" for anything?


on edit: In case you didn't catch it, here's the Crooks and Liars video clip.


Anonymous said...

Liberal scum.

The BUSH DYNASTY will continue well into 2016 when President-Elect Jeb Bush assumes the mantle of power in 2008. Just wait. We have the numbers. We actually vote. You watch morons on a cable comedy channel.

JEB BUSH IN 2008!! We will make it happen!

Anonymous said...


say....shouldn't you be out burning a cross somewhere?

LoLo said...

As a proud liberal(one who advocates liberty of thought, speech, or action) or (one who possesses a free and generous heart), I am amazed at how delighted you are to not only be living under a present DYNASTY but also one with lines of inheritance stretching well into your possible future. People living under a DYNASTY usually don't get to vote, or, if they do, their vote is meaningless. How, exactly does this DYNASTY stuff square with what your leader tells you about spreading democracy to the world?????????????????

S.Free said...

I think "anonymous" is on the wrong blog. It really shows how "christian" some on the far right can be.