Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Repubs now have their WEDGE ISSUE

Assembly Repubs Celebrate Victory....?????

for the November elections...

That's a vote of 63-31 the Republican=Controlled Assembly passed the bill to put Marriage-One Man-one Woman on the ballot for November. Why worked last time...I mean if you want to drive the more rabid base out to vote, what better way than to strike up a little homophobia?

Oh yeah, did I mention that six (6)DEMOCRATS voted with them?

Here they are:

Van Akkeren
A. Williams
(I think I got them all) Is "A. Williams" the one from Medford?

edit at 2:56PM..... We should note that our Reps...Vruwink , Schneider and Molepske voted NO! (It's okay to count Louey as "ours" isn't it?)


LoLo said...

The Blue Book lists A. Williams as Annette Williams, Democrat from the 10th District--Milwaukee area. Van Akkeren is one of the reps who voted NOT to override the Governor's veto of the Personal Protection Act (concealed carry, if one cares to speak plain English).

EDW said...

These homophobes that disgrace the Democratic party need to watch Brokeback Mountain and, while they're at it, rent High Art, and The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love. When society fails to "get real" about the lives of real people, then we must turn to the arts. Forget about the statement "what if it were your son/daughter?" Obviously, hatred runs deeper than blood. What these people need to realize is what can be summed up as the central theme of the movies I had mentioned: They're queer and they're here... and they always have been and always will be!
While the field of psychology has reasoned that homosexuality cannot be considered a mental illness because 1)homosexuals do not necessarily want to rid themselves of these tendencies and 2) there are no treatment options that prove both effective and ethical (granted, through severe, unethical aversion therapy, a person can form an aversion to just about anything, but these methods just as other forms of torture, never produce the desired results; hence, just because it is possible to make a person adverse to a stimulus,in this case arousal in response to a person of the same sex, does not mean that you can then make a person respond positively to another stimulus, in this case arousal in response to a person of the opposite sex) and most within the scientific community agree that homosexuality is a natural phenomenon seen in a myriad of other species as well as humans, this all falls on deaf ears when it comes to such politicians who identify themselves with "middle America." If these people could just admit their own sexual insecurity, then the rest of this country would not have to suffer. In fact, I think that only those people who really have an enjoyable, open sex life and are secure in their own sexuality can ever become reasonable leaders. But a lot more has to change to arrive at that than a mere shift in politics. Pehaps the whole country would be better off if for one night the Congress along with every state legislature would simply engage in one gigantic orgy and get it over with! Get over it already; sex, whether hetero, homo or bi, is one of things that makes us human.

LoLo said...

Amen to that--not a far right fundamentalist amen, just amen! I went to see Deb Price,lesbian journalist at the Detroit News last night so I am all fired up about this issue. Not only does this silly wedge referendum item affect the civil rights of gay and lesbian people; it is a "super" bill which affects straights who live together as well. This is something we need to make sure folks know before they vote this fall.