Saturday, March 04, 2006


I know "the food Nazi" wouldn't approve, but I have a real taste for "Bleeding Heart Spareribs".

Or maybe a Republican Pork Barrel Sandwich (packed with so much pork that even Senator (Bridge to Nowhere) Stevens would blush!)

Or maybe Antonin Scalia Original Intent Fried Chicken. (fixed the way your great, great, great, great grandmother would have fixed it.)

At the risk of sounding like a "gushing fan", I will once again refer you to my (fictional) friends at The Last Chance Democracy Cafe. Something has changed since the last time I posted a link though. This time Stephen C. Day has his own site and it's sort of a blog because it has posts on current news but it's also home to more great episodes with Winston, Zach, Horace and Tom.

You can join in the fun here:

And don't forget to register so you can join in the discussion. I'll have to say that some of the most thoughtful and thought-provoking posts on the web can be found appended to Day's works.

And in current news.....
I find it incredibly strange that Bush would personally visit Pakistan. Mussariff is in a tenuous position in his country and we' re just one coup de etat away from having Pakistan as a nuclear armed, long-range missile possessing Islamic State. Why would they want to stir up the country?
Yes, and about Pakistan being a democracy? I don't think so. Mussariff took over at the point of a gun and dissidents were rounded up and put under house arrest before Bush arrived....oh...wait a minute....Bush thinks that IS a democracy.
And meantime, back in old foggy bottom (Washington D.C.). Senator Rockefeller rounded up enough votes on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence(SSCI) to call for an inquiry into the NIA wiretapping. The SSCI has operated under special rules since 1974 to have an equal number of Democrats and Republicans no matter what the majority party of the Senate is. But since they've "mutinied", Senator Bill Frist is threatening to change the rules to put a Republican Majority on the committee to stop the inquiry. Click here and scroll down.
Feel free to jump in anytime...the more the merrier! Oh yeah...snow scheduled for tomorrow...good day for blogging.


LoLo said...

I stopped in to graze at the last chance democracy cafe myself, guzzling a Radical burger and an assorted Republican congressional basket (assorted dips with chips). Quite an interesting site!

Ed said...

I've had a few email exchanges with Stephen Day. He's a deep thinker...the kind our party needs more of...

by the way....I talked the food Nazi into letting me cook the baby-back spare ribs for dinner tonight.


LoLo said...

You must have done some real sweet talkin' to get those ribs! Yum, yum.