Friday, March 17, 2006

Late night open thread

Well, not ALL that late....before Bill Maher comes on anyway....

I just wanted to make a couple of observations before I shut my PCs down for the night.

First, Congrats to LoLo and Dave for writing the resolutions. I've posted it on several blogs and I know for certain that other County level Democratic Party organizations have picked up on our efforts. In addition, there are apparently several other efforts to show support for Russ going on in addition to ours.

I got an email today from from Dr. Steve Kagen who is a candidate for Congress in the 8th District (Mark Green's old district) He put together his own petition/resolution to support Feingold but I suspect it has more to do with hitching onto a "winning" issue than anything else. What that means of course is that the massive grassroots (and "netroots")support of Feingold is being recognized by other politicians. This is a good may mean that the "powers that be" in the Democratic Party will see this also.

Anyway congrats to LoLo and Dave....


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