Friday, March 10, 2006

On the Lighter side

Jesus General has an open letter to the Tennessee State Senator who has introduced a bill to outlaw "sex toys" in the entire State. If the bill is passed, it will be illegal to sell or display certain "appliances"...or even show them to somebody else....

the General writes:

That's where I come in. I've prepared a few talking points to help you manage their interviews:
• Sexual devices cause women to have unreal expectations about men.

Some of these devices are 4 inches or longer in length and over an inch in diameter.

These devices stay hard all of the time, even when wrestling isn't on the TV.

These devices seldom cause a woman to cry or vomit.

Enjoy the rest of the post....this guy is really creative.


oh , yes, one more note: I have discovered that it just as possible to scream at the streaming stock quotes on the computer screen as it it to scream at Blitzer, Tweety, Scarborough and other assorted Republicans on the TV....and it does just about as much good.

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