Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blogger went squirrley!


It's back....

There wasn't any access to Blogger yesterday afternoon. In addition to not being able to access here to post, some of my favorite sites were also inaccessable. Glad to have it back.

I'm a little disappointed with the news from yesterday. There were two primaries in Texas (yeah, I know, why hold out any hope for Texas?) One in which Tom Delay faced three challengers and another in which Democrat- in- name- only (DINO) Henry Cuellar who rushed to the aisle to be kissed by George Bush at the State of the Union speech was running against Ciro Rodriiguez. Delay and Cuellar both won. I didn't realize until this morning that Texas has an "open primary" system similar to Wisconsin so it's apparent that Cuellar (who had tremendous amounts of money to spend) benefited from a lot of cross-over Republican voting. In the Delay primary, I expected him to win by leaving a trail of broken kneecaps along the way, but I was hoping that Republicans would turn their back on him....

If there's any good news about the elections, it's that Delay will face a nasty, nasty challenge from Democrats in the general election.

By the way....did everybody get the email from Dave on Health Security America? It's 147 pages so I haven't read through it all yet....We may need to kick that around a little bit here.

Like yesterday, I have a ton of work to do today so I'll just open this thread and let you have at it.....

Look forward to your comments.

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