Sunday, March 12, 2006

Feingold to introduce Censure Resolution

I just watched Russ on This Week with George Snuffleuppagus...(yeah, I know its sarcastic) where he announced that he will intoduce a resolution to Censure the President for his illegal NSA wiretapping. Russ gave some incredibly good, solid reasons why the Senate as a whole should support the Censure resolution and most of them centered around re-establishing the checks and balances instituted by the Constitution. He's saying, in essence, that the Senate must quickly and firmly assert its oversight function or it will forever be lost.

Immediately after Russ was on, there was, of course, Senator Bill Frist who said he will personally see to it that Russ's resolution NEVER gets to the full Senate for a vote. There doesn't seem to be any limit to how far Frist will go to protect this President...even if it means permanently damaging the Senate as an institution. He also used the term "stunt" when referring to the resolution.

In some regards, it IS a stunt. Russ is no fool and knows that the Republicans will do everything in their power to kill this resolution. He may even have trouble getting a co-sponsor from within his OWN PARTY. But the point is that it will keep the illegal wiretaps in the news. It will make headlines and get media attention for at least another week. In short, it will set the table for a Democratic Party feast in the November elections.

Good luck Russ.



LoLo said...

I agree. It is reassuring that SOMEONE will do something to keep the NSA wiretap issue in the media, especially since the rest of congress has rolled over and died, leaving the illegalities to grow and multiply.

I've been following not only the demise of Gail Norton, but also Claude Allen, whose name I admit I had almost forgotten until it popped up on DailyKos this weekend. He resigned as a domestic advisor to Bush on Feb. 9 but was charged this weekend with making off with $5,000 in refund schemes from Target and Hecht stores. Is there no end to crooks and liars in our government?????

Ed said...


There is no end in sight.

Everytime something happens, you think,"Gee, it can't get any worse than this." But it does!


I was gone from mid morning yesterday until late last night so I missed a lot...