Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Open Thread

Thanks to firedoglake for the image
from the Mardi Gras in New Orleans
The human spirit survives despite everything, there is no limit to what it can acheive.
Thanks to everybody who is participating in the blogging. Hope to hear from more and more of our members as we go along.
So what's in the news this morning?
Well, it seems the traditional media is still in a "tither" about Bush's tape. (see firedoglake link above)
And surprise, surprise, surrrrrr prisssssssee! Associate Justice Alito sent Rev Dobbs (of Focus on the Family) a thank you letter. Here
John Bolton takes another excursion into "stupid land".
The Wisconsin Legislature finds its way to the pages of the blogosphere. Interesting to note that the Marshfield News-Herald editorial today called for voters to "think twice" about the Marriage Amendment shoved through the legislature by the Republicans.
Pop into anyone of the high-lited links and then drop a comment.....

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