Monday, March 20, 2006

60 Minutes Profiles James Hansen

Media alert! Remember my mention several weeks ago that a top global warming scientist James Hansen claimed that he was being muzzled by the present administration? Well, this same Hansen appeared on 60 Minutes last night, using all the words to describe the threat of global warming (including "dangerous") that he had been stopped from using before by lawyers working for the government. Examples of government edits flashed across the screen. Whole paragraphs of Hansen's writings had been crossed out. Words and phrases had been removed and entirely misleading words inserted in their place to make it appear that global warming is not the imminent threat that Hansen claims it is.

Check out for several blog stories about James Hansen. The authors of the two I read are "dark syde" and mole 333. Both give excellent background and both describe at length what was covered on Hansen's 60 Minutes appearance. The site is buzzing today with other interesting political events as well.

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