Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I posted a similar update here but in case you don't want to click over there, I'll post a version of it here....

remember the Conservative/Republican narrative that depicts Conservative leaders of the macho-ist of macho men? Well, Greenwald had something to say about that too:

"And the ultimate expression of faux, empty, masculine courage and power is, of course, the Commander-in-Chief himself -- the Glorious Leader whom John Podhoretz hailed in the title of his worshippful cult book as The First Great Leader of the 21st Century -- with the ranch hats and brush-clearing pants and flight-suit outfits that would make the Village People seethe with jealousy over his costume choices. Just behold this poster which was a much in-demand item at past CPAC events (h/t Digby), which makes as clear as can be how these Bush followers have tried to idolize their Leader: "
Village People INDEED!
And this was too good not to share with you.
Commenter on the Greenwald Blog, El Cid, had this to add:
For Rightwing, Reason & Thought Themselves Are 'Gay'

For the populist right, the idea of slowing down your contrived authoritarian impulses for even one moment to think about an issue, to reason something through, is, in itself, effeminate and probably gay.Why is that? Because it's possible that thinking through an issue carefully and resorting to evidence may, just may, somehow contradict their desired agenda. So the most effective thing to do is discourage thought and reason in itself, so as not to risk your precious lunatic goals.If the American right wing were going to design & build a bridge, there would be no architects with their big pointy heads and all their 'stoppin' and thinkin' about stuff' to hold back the large, fake macho dudes with hammers and nails who are then followed by the loudmouth brigade.No, their chosen lunatic pseudointellectual would claim that he was able to draw out a bridge -- in fact he's got a glorious idea for a brand new bridge design that nobody done never thought none of -- and it wouldn't take him very long.If the bridge collapses because the idiots don't know the first thing about building bridges, well, it's not their fault, some gay foreign terrorist guy must have somehow drove over a truck at the wrong time.
So there's the narrative..........cartoon images of faux masculinity by people who actually don't possess it.

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