Sunday, March 11, 2007

A few things:

I posted more personal thoughts on Dave Obey over here.

I understand that a clip of it appeared on This Week with Stephanopolis ... I don't understand what purpose that would serve other than to drive a wedge between the perceived factions within the Democratic party.

In the meantime....

firedoglake is picking up on the same news that Josh Marshall and Talking Points Memo is looking at....namely, that KKKarl Rove's fingerprints appear to be all over the firing of the 8 federal prosecutors. TPM has a great piece on the contradictions from the head of the Nevada Republican Party.

Christy's link at firedoglake gets into a lot more detail and speculates that tossing Roberto Gonzolas to the wolves has all the earmarks of standard operating procedure for KKKarl Rove's political operations. Rove usually doesn't leave "fingerprints" of any kind so it's possible he'll escape accountability once he did by throwing "poor" Scooter Libby under the bus to keep Fitzgerald off of himself.

Here's how Christy puts it:

Funny how Alberto Gonzales got shifted into the hot seat this week, just as a spotlight began to shine on the White House — and Karl Rove — isn't it? Not that Gonzales doesn't deserve a heaping helping of scorn, but let's step back a moment and contemplate who gives marching orders to whom in the White House pecking order. And who has a history of shifting blame off himself at all costs

hmmmmm....I wonder....who ????

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