Thursday, March 08, 2007


Some of you may have been following the growing scandal of the 8 or so Federal Prosecutors who were fired by the Bush Administration...many of them were involved in prosecuting bribery cases and one of them, most notably, the Randy Cunningham scandal....Talking Points Memo and TPM MUCKRAKER have done wonderful work in breaking this story and it lead up to Senate Hearings Yesterday.

Well it turns out that there was Political pressure to fire these Prosecutors!



Not only did the scandal get into Senate Hearings, it also made the hollowed pages of U.S. NEWS and WORLD REPORT As reported by columnist, Michael Barone:
When a U.S. senator (to wit, Pete Domenici, a New Mexico Republican) feels free to call a prosecutor at home and hang up on him for resisting political pressure in the course of executing his prosecutorial duties, the line between politics and law enforcement has been so thoroughly violated that it no longer exists.
and the "money line":
What's going on in Washington is not sufficiently removed from the routine doings of a tawdry Third World dictatorship to give any American comfort.
In the first paragraph he mentions the " depth, breadth, and permeation of corruption in the Bush administration. "
You don't suppose the MAIN STREAM MEDIA is catching on do you?
Naaaaaahhhh....(kudos to Josh Micah Marshall of TPM and his crew for riding herd on this story)

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