Thursday, March 08, 2007

The hits just keep on comin......

As liberals we don't have any problems with people who are openly gay. In fact, we feel that gays and lesbians deserve the same rights and protections under the constitution that "straights" do....

It's the "other side" (the Ann Coulter Contingent) that believes tthat gays, lesbians, bi's and transgender (GLBT for short) should be discriminated against....that's the reason....and the ONLY reason we find it humorous when one of the "other side's" heros is "outed"....and it happens a lot.....And it just happened again....more ironically, it happened to a person who received an award at the same Conservative Conference where Ann Coulter made her demeaning "faggot" comment.

Our friends at Americablog have the story....

and here are a few snippets:

"In this first-person piece he just wrote in Salon, former gay porn star and gay prostitute Matt Sanchez, a GOP hero, blames those evil liberals for outing his man-whore, porn star past. Sanchez, who starred in such thrillers as "Touched by an Anal: Four Hours of Heavenly Anal Action" - I'm not joking (this is NOT a work-friendly link) - now says that the porn industry is evil and liberal and that's why he became a conservative. "


"Seems that in addition to being a star at CPAC and in other right wing circles, including appearances on O'Reilly and Hannity, Sanchez has starred in a number of "films" that probably weren't being shown at CPAC -- or maybe they were."

And the priceless Press Release from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (also from AmericaBlog)

The real eleven inches of pure hypocrisy

Statement by Matt Foreman, Executive DirectorNational Gay and Lesbian Task Force

“While it may be delicious to watch our opponents twist and squirm after honoring and embracing a larger-than-life gay porn star, I don’t see any hypocrisy in U.S. Marine reservist Matt Sanchez’s actions. As is his right, he spoke out against what he believed was bad treatment by Columbia’s ‘radical anti-military students’ (Sanchez’s words). Right-wing pundits and organizations pounced on the handsome Latino Marine and showered him with praise and media exposure. Now, they’re scrambling for cover.“Porn — gay or straight — has no ideology. Porn stars and porn consumers are Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, atheists and evangelicals. There’s no inherent contradiction between Matt Sanchez being pro-military and being part of the ‘adult film’ industry. The real hypocrisy expresses itself in two different and important ways. First, the failed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ law requires Matt Sanchez and thousands of other loyal Americans to hide their sexual orientation to serve their country in the military. Second, Ann Coulter and her ilk lift a man to hero and spokesperson status until — gasp! — he is found out to be a ‘faggot’ (Coulter’s word).

Guess who he had his picture taken with?

scroll down.....

photo courtesy of Americablog......roflmao at the caption.....they had to designate WHICH one was the former gay porn star.......roflmao, roflmao

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