Monday, March 26, 2007

Thanks, Josh....I needed that...

Sometimes somebody cuts through the fog of the political swamp and shows you the a ray of sunshine....

Here's Josh at Talking Points Memo

"None of this is about Alberto Gonzales. This is about the president and the White House, which is where this entire plan was hatched. Gonzales was just following orders, executing the president's plans.
This is about this president and this White House, which ...
let's be honest, everyone on both sides of the aisle already knows."

Earlier, he said:

"This isn't a case where Alberto Gonzales has fallen short of the president's standards or bungled some process. This is the standard. The Attorney General has done and is doing precisely what is expected of him."

Don't forget this.....this IS President Bush's scandal....he and his advisors "cooked" this plan and Gonzales and his staff inplemented it. It isn't that Gonzales is a renegade Attorney General, he's a loyal (to a fault, really) "Bushie"

And never forget, this wasn't just some "inside the beltway" also reminds us of what this is really about (again):

"...What we seem to see are repeated cases in which US Attorneys were fired for not pursuing bogus prosecutions of persons of the opposite party. Or vice versa. There's little doubt that that is why McKay and Iglesias were fired and there's mounting evidence that this was the case in other firings as well. The idea that a senator calls a US Attorney at home just weeks before a federal elections and tries to jawbone him into indicting someone to help a friend get reelected is shocking. Think about it for a second. It's genuinely shocking. At a minimum one would imagine such bad acts take place with more indirection and deniability. And yet the Domenici-Iglesias call has now been relegated to the status of a footnote in the expanding scandal, notwithstanding the fact that there's now documentary evidence showing that Domenici's substantial calls to the White House and Justice Department played a direct role in getting Iglesias fired."

I dunno.......that whole "impeachment thing" is beginning to make sense....

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