Thursday, March 08, 2007

Possible explanation?

I wrote in the other post that the Great Right- Wing-Wurlitzer acts very much like a pick-pocket...that is, they distract you with something else while they steal your wallet. The massive amount of right-wing noise that is being played out now about the Libby verdict has me placing my hand squarely over my wallet.

I admitted in my post last night that I really don't know what we're being distracted from here and, if I had taken the time to read all of Scarecrow's post over at firedoglake, I might have let it go at his part, it reads:

"Yesterday a jury of 11 of his peers convicted Scooter Libby of four felonies: giving false statements (lying) to the FBI, two counts of perjury (lying) before a federal Grand Jury and obstructing justice in the investigation into who disclosed the identity of a CIA agent. But the unamimous guilty verdicts by the jurors who actually heard the evidence did not matter to the Administration apologists who simply don't care about the evidence. Unlike Iraq, where the Administration apparently has no "Plan B," their supporters were ready with their response to the verdicts: control the media narrative, bury the obvious accountability moment, obscure the "cloud over Cheney," and more important, discredit the legal process and manipulate the eventual outcome. The coverup is in still on." (additional emphasis mine)

Scarecrow points out two of the points I made in this post. That is, the right wing was eminately prepared for this assault, and, they were determined (and successfully executed) control over the media narrative.

Scarecrow goes on to say:

Lies never die with these people. The guilty verdicts changed nothing for them. All of the lies that have been repeatedly discredited are still being told by the Administration's supporters without shame and too often without response. The cover up continues and is in full force. Libby is still the fire wall to protect Cheney and others, and the apologists and neocons are working very hard to make sure he stays the firewall. The strategy now seems to create a dominant view that a pardon is not only fair to poor fallguy Scooter Libby but inevitable. So there's no reason to wait.

I somewhat agree that at least some of the motivation for the noise machine is to protect keep Scooter as the firewall to protect Cheney...but from what?

Cheney is politically and (to some extent) legally insulated from this scandal. He can only be reached through impeachment which the Congress is loathe to even talk about, and he can, if he wishes, obfuscate any supeona with claims of "Executive Privilege" until he runs out the clock on this administration's term. Why the desperation? (note: this is essentially the same question Scarecrow is asking? "Why the rush to pardon Libby?" "Why must (as the right wing pundits insist) the pardon be granted NOW?")

Put your hands over your wallets folks....something is amiss here.

Scarecrow thinks its to protect Cheney.


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