Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thank You Jesus (General, that is)

On Second edit: OOOPS, MY BAD....that post wasn't written BY the General, it was written by Austin Cline....I think I'll have to pay closer attention to the sig lines next time....

I apologize for ruining your day, General, er....your highness? ...your lordship? ...your grace?

There's a great post up on the dangers of the "Imperial Presidency" on Jesus General... That's his logo at the right....

There's also a good riff on it here.

Just as an aside, I watched Howie Kurtz on CNN's Reliable Sources this morning...caught the segment on the Coulter remarks....the excuse for not universally condemning her? Well, it's because we don't want to give her any more publicity, don't you know....
Hey Howie!
What about your drooling adoration of Michelle Malkin? She's competing head-to-head with Annie in the race for "BEST FEMALE, HOMOPHOBIC, XENOPHOBIC, BILE-FILLED, UNHINGED RANTING PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR!

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