Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And the hits keep comin'

Man....this was supposed to be an "uneventful day" as far as Congressional Action was concerned. Tomorrow is supposed to bring fireworks but then THIS HAPPENED TODAY.

I wonder what's going to happen least two Bush Officials, and maybe more....almost all of those involved in the briefing could be charged with violations of THE HATCH ACT.....can you say 10 years in prison? These people had to be NUTS (seepicture at right snark,snark,snark)

The good part? of them works for Karl's how Kos writes it up...

Watch the shameless Doan duck and dodge when she's asked to explain what in God's name she thought she was doing when she convened a national teleconference of GSA managers for a briefing from White House political staffers on how they could best use federal government resources to help "our candidates" in 2008 -- a presentation, by the way, that included a list of the Top 20 targeted Democrats for 2008

Here's a link to THE GAVEL which has a bunch of video links.....

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