Thursday, December 28, 2006

Well, DUH!!!!

I thought about it, but never vocalized it.....when John Edwards made his announcement this morning (c'mon now, tell me you were surprised ;) ) he did a very clever thing....actually a couple of clever things

from KOS:

(pic at left, John Edwards in Stevens Point in '04)
Edwards explicitly condemned the "surge" plan for Iraq. But he didn't
call it the surge. "It is a mistake," he said, "for America to escalate the war in Iraq." That's the term the blogs have adopted as well, and its prominent placement, used before he mentioned the word "surge," struck me as a possible dog whistle to the left.

Get that? It isn't a surge, it's escalation....and the term escalation brings back horrible memories of another misbegotten war: Viet Nam. I guess I've seen the word used on other blogs but it never occurred to me that the word would have as much power....George Lakoff would be proud.....we should constantly remind the public that Bush's use of the term "SURGE" is a putting a Republican, happy, smiley-face on the truth. The truth is that this is ESCALATION of the war.

Well Duh, e! You should have figured that out before!

The other clever thing Edwards did was to set up the match between himself and (Saint) John McCain in a Presidential brohaha....he did it by calling the Escalation, THE MCCAIN PLAN by and by doing so, hung the war and every casualty thereafter right around McCain's neck!

I'm trying not to take sides in the upcoming primary battle for the Democratic nomination but I'll have to give John Edwards some props here....that was a clever announcement...he put the chess pieces in place beautifully...gotta admire that, eh?

on edit.....said McCain instead of Edwards doing "another" clever thing...since when did McCain do ANYTHING clever...sorry for the confusion....

(where did I put that bottle of Pinot Noir?)

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