Saturday, December 09, 2006

i needed to be reminded

I guess I didn't pay as much attention as I should have to the words of French Ambassador to the UN in the '03 debate, but being reminded by poputopian over at Digby's place was good... here's what he said then:

There may be some who believe that these problems can be resolved by
force, thereby creating a new order. But this is not what [we] believe. On the
contrary, we believe that the use of force can arouse resentment and hatred,
fuel a clash of identities and of cultures, something that our generation has a
prime responsibility to avoid.…

To those who believe that war would be the quickest way of disarming
Iraq, I can reply that it will drive wedges and create wounds that will be long
in healing. And how many victims will it cause? How many families will

In other words Villepin was another one of those who "got it right".

I know this doesn't answer the question of how do we fix this mess, but it surely says something about the state of our country.

I'll go back to worrying about how to keep the next Lance Corporal Tillery alive now.....

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