Monday, December 18, 2006

Edited: some reflections on the season.....

Peace on Earth, Good will toward men?
And if you've been out Christmas shopping recently,
I know that there are some among us who are not Christian and, in fact, some of our membership are agnostic or atheist. I don't mean to be disrespectful of your beliefs or lack thereof, but I have been of the opinion for quite some time that even if somebody discovered a scroll that revealed the entire Christmas Story to be a giant hoax, that Christmas has become such an economic necessity that our society would quickly "redisconver" a "true meaning" of Chirstmas. I think that each year the veneer of a religious holiday gets stripped away a little bit more to expose the economic underpinnings that are propping it up.
For example:
Since when, exactly, did PENGUINS become part of Christmas (or for that matter CHRISTIAN)lore?
Where in the gospel of Luke did they mention PENGUINS?
They didn't.
Penguins are just the latest "must have" for contemporary Christmas decorations. They are the newest marketing ploy. They are the latest entry in the "planned obsolescence" of American mainstream marketing which will be as obsolete as fins on a '58 Cadillac in a very short time.
In a neighborhood not far from where I live, a man has a sign out in his front yard that says simply:
Keep Christ
Shinning on it is one, simple spotlight to keep it visible during the dark hours.....I think he's one of the few who is practicing what he preaches. He has no quady display of lights, snowmen, reindeer, santa claus or (gag) Penguins. Even if you don't agree with his belief, you have to hand it to him for standing up for them.
To that man, I offer the tiding: Peace to you my friend.
And the same to all of you.
note on editing....I was trying hard to do two things at once this morning and as a result, the post came out....muddled....
so through the miracles of EDITING I think I've made it a little less muddled....sorry for the confusion.

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