Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year...and a few random quips

The celebrity Ed McMahon...formerly Johnny Carson's sidekick...used to play up a reputation for being a heavy drinker, but he always insisted that New Year's Eve was the one night he would not go out drinking. Why? Because Ed called it "amateur night".

Think about it for a second.

People who are normally sober, responsible people contributing conscientiously to society for 364 days a year seem to get a sudden urge to go out, get drunk, tell off the boss, make a pass at their co-workers wife, tell the dirtiest stories they can find, urinate in anything convenient, xerox their face or "other" body parts on the office copy machine, sing kereoke version of "I am woman" even if you're a male, vomit in their best friends car, and...and this is the dumbest thing of all...try to drive home while they are too drunk to even walk.

Amateur night indeed.

If you're out party-ing tonight....please...please let somebody sober drive you home.

Is Wolfe Blitzer really that dumb? On Late Edition this morning he had a Republican Senator AND Joe Lieberman....isn't that TWO Republicans?
Digby (see whole post here) gives us a moment of cognitive dissonance as he recounts Vice President Cheney's tribute to President Gerald Ford where he repeats the theme of "civility". Cheney now values "civility". Really? Would that be the same VP Cheney who told Senator Patrick Leahy to "Go f*** yourself" on the Senate floor? Hmmmm...yeah that would be the same guy.
Christie over at firedoglake links us to The Washington Post for a guest editorial by Richard Clark entitled While You Were at War. Here's a snippet to give you the sense of the well-written article.
"...And with the nation involved in a messy war spiraling toward a bad conclusion, the key deputies and Cabinet members and advisers are all focusing on one issue, at the expense of all others: Iraq.
National Security Council veteran Rand Beers has called this the "7-year-old's soccer syndrome" -- just like little kids playing soccer, everyone forgets their particular positions and responsibilities and runs like a herd after the ball. in 2000 we had Soccer Moms and now we've got 7-year-old soccer Cabinet ministers? Probably true....why do I get the feeling we're screwed?
I've noticed the video of Saddam being prepared for the execution on TV and a few "You-tubes" of it. What would you want to bet that the full, unexpergated (with apologies to the late, great Benny Hill) version of the execution shows up on "the net" sometime within the next 30 days?
Is that what they call a sucker bet?
At any rate let me take this last opportunity to wish all of you a Happy New Year. In the words of the old English Toast (appropriate next ot a Benny Hill Picture, huh?)

My the New Year Bring You
And Good Fortune
on edit 6:00PM Dec 31, 2006
Surprise, surprise, surrrrrrpriiiiiiiiize
A video of Saddam's hanging has shown up and wouldn't you know it. It's linked on FOX NEWS....
No wonder nobody took me up on that wager.....


LoLo said...

I found an unexpurgated version of the hanging about noon today on Google. I clicked on the link provided by a blogger on Daily Kos. However, next time I checked the diary list, that post was no longer listed. A video apparently appeared momentarily on YouTube yesterday but was taken down almost immediately. Not that I'm into hangings, mind you, but when the MSM decides to censor a portion of a hot news item, that's when I HAVE to see the whole thing.

Ed said...

Hi LoLo!

Happy New Year to you...

Enjoying my second glass of Reisling and letting a fabulous home-made new year's eve meal the laptop in my lap (great place for it eh?) so I'll probably be asleep by 10!

I hope this next year is wonderful for you and yours....big hugs from this side of the city...


LoLo said...

Warm New Year wishes in return even though I fell asleep before the midnight hour and missed your greetings last night.