Monday, December 04, 2006

Bolton Resigns!!!!

Remember this: Bolton was sent to Florida in 2000 to "stop the counting"

Reaction across the web has been interesting:

From the liberal/progressive sides:

Another one bites the dust...Couldn't have happened to a nicer rageoholic pervert.

66. Cookie duster bites the dust. n/t

From firedoglake:

Sure, it's a little gloaty to post an extended Snoopy dance at the news…so I'm just posting the extended Snoopy dance YouTube video above because I'm in a really good mood and thought everyone could use it on this cold and snowy Monday (it's cold and snowy here, anyway).
That Bolton resigned? Just think of it as an added bonus. (As Jesus General said in an e-mail this morning, "Isn't it kind of like resigning after you've already been laid off?")

From the conservative side:

I thank John Bolton for the dedication and skill with which he performed his duties..."I thank him, too. He was a wonderful breath of truthful air, and he will be deeply missed.This is the saddest announcement since Rumsfeld. We're losing all our real men. I'm just damn depressed.20 posted on 12/04/2006 10:33:16 AM PST by AnnaZ (I keep 2 magnums in my desk.One's a gun and I keep it loaded.Other's a bottle and it keeps me loaded)<>

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