Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday thread to open up discussion

Never before has a sitting President been so thoroughly excoriated by a commission of any kind as George W. Bush was by the Baker Commission report which was released yesterday. Not only did that report refute almost everything Bush has told us about Iraq, it had an appendix on "Intelligence" that pointed out that the Administration and Defense Department have been filtering the news out of Iraq in the manner that it is classified so that it diminished the bad news. So much for the media "awfulizing" the news out of Iraq.

Bush and Blair gave a press conference earlier today. According to the blogs, it was one of Dubya's worst performances EVER... a few snippets:

Bush was asked whether the study group's report didn't suggest that he, in fact, did not appreciate the extent of the violence coursing through Iraqi streets.

"It's bad in Iraq. That help?" retorted Bush..(note: he "chuckled " to himself after this remark...the press did not)

"You know, in all due respect, I've been saying it a lot," Bush continued. "I understand how tough it is and have been telling the American people how tough it is. And they know how tough it is."

"Countries that participate in talks must not fund terrorism, must help the young democracy survive, must help with the economics of the country," Bush said. "If people are not committed, if Syria and Iran is(sic) not committed to that concept, then they shouldn't bother to show up."

ed note: doesn't that sound a lot like a REJECTION of the Baker Commission recommendation?


"I've visited the families that died."

If I'm not mistaken, today is the last day of the Republican Controlled Congress. Good riddance.

The only positive note is that the house OVERWHELMINGLY passed the Autism Bill this afternoon. I think the Repubs just gave up the fight and that's totally okay with me.

After Christmas, the new, Democratic Controlled Congress takes over....won't that be a relief....

BTW: the "Impeach Bush" is meeting at the Marshfield Library this afternoon at 4.

I've decided, after a long debate with myself, that I can't support that effort. And the reason is simple: It's too late. By this time next year we will be up to our necks in Democratic Primary Battles and busy choosing which candidate we want to support. In addition, Bush will be gone by the time the momentum is achieved. Impeachment will be a dim memory by that time....If this had started two years ago, well, maybe it could have succeeded but now is too late. Opinions?


Watcher said...

It is not too late to impeach Bush. If we are to restore integrity in government and restore the Constitutional system of checks and balances then we must impeach Bush. The members of Congress take an oath to defend our Constitution. This is their highest priority. They can impeach Bush and still work on legislation and other issues. Remember that it only took 4 months to impeach and try Clinton. If we start soon we can be done by summer. More here:

Ed said...

Welcome Watcher!

True, it only took four months but it was the culmination of how many years of witch hunting by Kenneth Star?

Feel free to jump in anytime.


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