Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Rude Pundit isn't happy

...with the pending execution....

The Rude Pundit has his usual rude,and I do mean rude, take on the situation.

Warning! Warning! Warning!
Don't click on the link if you can't tolerate profanity!
Here's a sanitized snippet:
Saddam Hussein. Now that's a %$#^& tyrant, an old school mother$#@%^, bereft of nation, of sons, of rights, defiant and tough, ready to be hanged in the savage wasteland that was once his savage golden empire, even leaving a message of peace to the people of the country he ruled with madness and murder. The world has precious few vicious dictators left with the stones to have such a final act.
When the Rude Pundit gets mad, he doesn't hold much back.....

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