Saturday, December 23, 2006

Grand Tour, white Christmas,

Okay so this is how my day went yesterday...

Marshfield to Appleton ...depart 8:20AM
10:05 Call from son's cell phone...last leg of flight, Chicago to Appleton cancelled, will call back with alternatives
10:15 Pull off to McDonalds in Waupaca to wait for phone call ...drink coffee...drink more coffee
10:55 Son calls ...will be BUSSED to Madison ..bus will leave at 1PM ..expect them in Madison at 3:30 or so..we decide to go back to Marshfield and wait it out.
11:05AM Phone call from son...HE'S ON THE 11 O'CLOCK bus for Madison...will arrive at Madison at left turn in Stevens Point, onto I-39....just enough tome to make it... from son...late ...140 maybe...bad news..luggage is STILL GOING TO APPLETON will have to go there to pick it up after 5PM
2:05 Meet son and daughter-in -law in Madison...go grab a quck lunch...head up 151 to Fond du Lac...
4:20 SNOW! and lots of it on US 41 between Fond du lac and Oshkosh
5:10 Arrive Appleton airport....guess what? NO BAGGAGE! They will ship it to us....
5:25 Depart Appleton on Hwy 10...traffic forms single lane convoy...passing lane covered with snow...visibility limited to tail lights in front.... four-wheel drive is very helpful...listening to radio; some #$%^& is saying how wonderful it is that we're going to have a "white Christmas"....obviously the moron isn't driving in his "white Christmas".
7:5o (or so) Smartass son says we should have a "one-horse open sleigh" so we could simply "dash" through the snow...I actually DID laugh!
8:35 Pm Arrive Marshfield...time to cook dinner.

So my daughter-in-law got to:

1. Finally see Wisconsin
2. See her first snowfall
3. See her father-in-law turn into a raving maniac....

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LoLo said...

There IS humor in this story! Especially, if one reads it, as I do, safely indoors while the snow flakes form a lacy pattern outside.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours, and to all who read this blog!