Friday, December 08, 2006

Some got it right....

The Conservative Magazine National Review and their bloggie counterpart National Review Online (NRO aka The Corner)wrote a rather snarky article in March of 03 where they mocked anybody...journalist, politician, pundit...ANYBODY who had predicted that the war in Iraq would not go well.

Paul Krugman wrote a great article about it and our friend Attaturk added to it. Read the post, it links to Krugman's article.

This one quote which NR mocked was particularly telling. Can you guess (without reading the post) who wrote it?

"Visions of cheering throngs welcoming them as liberators have vanished in the wake of a bloody engagement whose full casualties are still unknown. . . . Welcome to hell. Many of us lived it in another era. And don't expect it to get any better for a while."

Give up?

NR identified the author as simply, "A war novelist". His name is James Webb but now we Democrats call him SENATOR JAME WEBB of Virginia!

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