Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Another volley in the "Christmas Wars"

This Wickan had a particularly poignant post about the Catholic League's monitoring of Christmas.

You can read the details here.

Religious holidays, on the other hand, are what we celebrate in our homes and at our places of worship. (OK, I don't have a set "place of worship." Today, I saw a lovely t-shirt that said, "Surely you can pray for me and I can dance naked in the woods for you." I loved that! But if I had "A" place of worship, I guess that it would be the woods.) So the CLRCR can go f*** itself. If they want to celebrate f**king xmas so much, they can go f**king celebrate it in their f**king churches and leave the rest of us the f**k alone. Otherwise, I'm going to start demanding that everyone wish me a Happy Solstice, sing Solstice songs, put up Solstice ornaments, and dance naked in the woods.

Actually, it's a nice message...one that expresses outrage at intolerance and places a somewhat humorous juxtaposition of religious beliefs before us for our consideration.

In our own county, we have people of many, many different faiths and I have no desire to offend them and I am sure they have no desire to offend me. Most often I encounter friends of the Jewish faith but more and more commonly, I am finding persons of the Islamic faith. Throw in an occasional atheist and you've got quite a mix right here in our own community. I don't need any one of the faiths whining that they aren't being adequately represented....

Celebrate in your own way.

Celebrate privately or publicly as you wish....

but don't criticize me for celebrating in my way....

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