Thursday, April 26, 2007

What's our BRAND?

Maybe "brand" is the wrong word but as I go along here I may define it a little bit better.

This is the "infamous" post I have been talking about for a couple of days. Highly edited of course because a lot of the first draft was pretty much a "stream of consciousness" approach....I've got to be careful to avoid falling into that again.

Here's the basis for the thoughts:

Democrats are being branded by Bush, Cheney and their loyal parrots in both the house and the Senate as "defeat-o-crats", wimps and surrender monkeys. Truthfully we're in the MAJORITY not just in numerical senses as in having a majority of votes in both the House and Senate, but also in terms of poll numbers. The majority of Americans support the positions of the Democratic party in the results of poll after poll.

And yet......

Because we are obeying the will of the people and setting a time limit for the slaughter deployment of troops in Iraq, we are defined by Republicans as wimps and defeatists. I'm not alone with my fellow dems in that I get suckered into the argument with Republicans on their terms (Are too!! Am Not!!!) on a regular basis.

but you and I gentle readers have forgotten one very important lesson.....

Remember right after 9/11 when we stood almost shoulder-to-shoulder with all of our fellow Americans in wanting to defeat/punish the terrorist? We were all (or almost all) in favor of invading Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban who, by that time, were almost indistinguishable from Al Quada. We have NEVER disagreed that our real enemy is AQ and Osama Bin NEVER was Iraq or Saddam Hussein.
Let's repeat that....


Iraq IS NOT our enemy.

We still want to defeat Al Queda where ever they may be.

We want to fight the REAL war on terror and defeat those who wish to do us harm..that would be the radical SUNNI FUNDAMENTALIST SECT OF THE WAHHABI'S ....not the Shiia of Iraq...OR IRAN...

If the American people will stick with us, we'll go after AQ in a sane, rational and efficient way....we won't send American Men and Women into a slaughterhouse from which there is no escape.
That's our BRAND

Bless and protect our Men and Women in uniform who tonight find themselves in harm's way in a foreign and hostile land....give us the moral strength to make the right decisions for their safety and the safety of our nation.

I'm not a religious person by nature....but I am calling upon all I know to instill in our leaders the common sense to fight THE RIGHT WAR....
I am a Wood County Democratand I'm proud to be an American

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