Thursday, April 26, 2007

Two Days 'til Convention Time

We spent almost three hours at Dave's house last night putting the convention packages together....
I stopped off at the hotel again this morning and put the finishing touches on the instructions to the staff....
Here's the schedule...subject of course to change by executive fiat...Congressional preference....winds of change....and because they can change it simply if they damned well want to.....
1:00PM Setup time until 4:00PM...posters tables and decorations are set up...volunteers should have been notified by now but anybody reading this who wants to show up and help is welcome.

5:30P>M> Welcome party for out-of-town and overnighter guests and
Cocktails, beer and swimming as you wish or can desire...note: no harpoons allowed in swimming area and no cries of "whale off the port bow!" We already know of a few bloggers who are attending, including jackpineradical, goddess40 and goddess40mom, classwarrior, madashell, sybylla, woodman possibly dinger.

8:30 Doors Open
9:00 Executive Committee Meeting (District, not County)

9:0o Registration Begins
10:00 Convention Called to Order

Welcoming speeches by County/local officials

As time on resolutions
Registration ends at 11:00

11:30 Dave Obey gives keynote address.

12:15 Lunch
1:00 Election of Officers

finish resolutions as required

3:00 Adjourn...

If you need directions to the site call me at 715 498-6219 Here's a link to the google map site:

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